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The name of the town came from the Greek god Nike. The hill above the bay has been a town since prehistoric times. Remains of people from almost a millions years ago have been found in this region.




 Layers of history. The remains of the main market street from the Roman city. It now disappears beneath the Matisse museum. Note the groove from the wheels of carts in the lower right stone.






 Remains of part of the Roman bath complex. There were several sets of baths with this one being for the high officials.



 Remain of two and a half sit down toilets in the bath complex. Originally seats lined the four walls of the room. There is a ditch with running water under the toilets. Flush toilets from 2000 years ago.



  A lazy afternoon at the beach. No sand here. Most of the rocks are a couple of inches across.




 Another street scene in old Nice. Notice that some blocks are very narrow.

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